Something New

I haven’t posted for 5 months, because it has been just the status quo with my mother. A steady, gradual decline in her cognitive abilities, various mishaps with lost or broken hearing amplifiers, glasses, teeth, wheel chair.

Tonight, 2:45 am, I got that call I’ve been bracing for. She’s had a stroke. One side of her face is droopy and her speech is garbled. They wanted my permission to rush her to the ER.

I don’t like this part of the healthcare power-of-attorney job, but I have a very calm approach to it. I asked what would be done at the ER. They said a CT scan to determine if she’s had a stroke. I asked, “…then what?”, and they said, “Uhh, I’m not sure.” My thought is a 91 year old with advanced dementia is not going to be happier by being rushed to a hospital in a panic. I called my sister to confer and after I spoke to the nurse practitioner on call, I confirmed that we would like them to just keep her quiet and comfortable. They said she doesn’t seem upset or ruffled over the situation.

In the morning, we will talk to the head nurse about bringing in Hospice. I am new to this, but I would feel better having someone sharing our goal of comfort and peace at the end of life to be advising us.


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3 Responses to Something New

  1. JodiMelsness says:

    My mom had the same thing happen to her but her stroke slowly resolved itself which sometimes it does. It took a month but she was almost back to normal and we also brought in hospice. Praying for your family. I’m also a hospice RN so you can send an email if you have questions. We seem to be sharing the same experience. ❤️

  2. bluestempond says:

    Thanks, Jodi. We’ll see how it goes. I have several friends who have been Hospice employees and I have never heard anything but good about the service.

  3. Jan Hicks says:

    Good for you for thinking of those questions. It hasn’t happened yet that I’ve been contacted about anything serious with mum. We were advised against taking out a health & well being power of attorney, though, so maybe they wouldn’t consult with us. I think the nursing staff at mum’s care home are pragmatic, though. I think they would take the same view that moving someone with dementia to hospital would only be more confusing. I hope things resolve themselves for your mum, like Jodi suggests.

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